Who is TuYu Delivery?

We are a restaurant marketing and delivery service that partners with local businesses to boost sales through offering online ordering and on-demand delivery to customers who can't (or won't) leave their homes, hotels, and offices.

What Does TuYu Delivery Do?

  • 1
    Customer orders on the Tuyu Delivery App
  • 2
    The order is transmitted to your kitchen
  • 3
    We send a driver for delivery
  • 4
    You receive weekly direct deposits

How Does TuYu Delivery Advertise?

  • We provide in-store marketing materials for your restaurant (Custom Banners, Delivery Coupon Cards, Window Stickers, Table Tents, etc)
  • Digital Marketing efforts: Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO, Adwords, and more
  • Foot Marketing: Door Hangers, Business Door to Door, Hotels, etc

How Much Does it Cost?

  • Free to sign up, cancel anytime
  • No set up fees, no recurring fees
  • You only pay a small commission on sales that come from tuyudelivery.com

Flexible Pricing Packages

(restaurant pays)
15% 25%
(customer pays)
15% No Markup
Delivery Fee
(customer pays)
Starts at $4.99 Starts at $3.99
Custom Websites Free Free
Marketing Materials Free Free

What if Something Goes Wrong?

Our team has been in business for over 6 years, but we've been in the delivery industry for over a decade - we've seen everything! Over the years we have developed proper protocol to prevent most situations, and protocol for damage control when an order goes south. We have to keep customers happy to stay in business and so TuYu Delivery's objective is to find a happy customer on each and every delivery, and we execute proficiently!